Play Cricket World Cup 2011 Game

Cricket World Cup 2011 Game


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1. Click the i or lock/ icon top left in the Chrome address bar.
2. In the Flash dropdown, select ‘Allow
3. Now, just refresh the page (F5 or Crtl + R)

Play Cricket World Cup 2011 Game

Searching for any “world cup” related game? If yes, then this Cricket World Cup 2011 game may be a kind of interest. It comes under the best online cricket games & also the oldest flash cricket games to hit the web and is a very enjoyable flash cricket game to play in today’s day and age.

In this game, you just need to lead your team to victory, just like Mahi.

Cricket World Cup 2011 Game: Info & Description

Short Description: Basically, Cricket World Cup 2011 is a flash cricket game developed by 7Seas Entertainment back in 2011-2012 in the category “cricket world cup games”

So, this is your chance to lift up the mighty Cricket World Cup (CWC). Simply pick your favorite team and guide your team to winning the cup and being crowned as World Cricket Champions!

Just a Side Note: As of now, there are a few Online Cricket Games available on the web. The flash is soon going to be a history (by the end of Dec 2020) & therefore we the Team iCS have decided to provide all the awesome flash cricket games to our audience for the last time.

Also note, there are many similar online cricket games available on our site i.e So try this game, if you enjoyed it then that’s great & if not, then we have many other games, make sure to try them! We’ll bring html games before the flash get’s disappeared.

How to Play Cricket World Cup 2011 Game

Basic Controls: There’s nothing to be mentioned here. Just follow the easy instructions provided in the game itself.

Imp Note: You can play this game only on Desktop/Laptop as these online flash games require flash player which comes only on desktop browsers. Therefore, Android users can’t play this game on their devices but if you truly desire to play & enjoy this game then visit us from your Desktop or Laptop!

Also note, desktop users need to enable/allow flash to run on our site, if it’s disabled, please enable it otherwise you won’t be able to play this game. (See instructions above)

Firefox users may have some trouble browsing our site, so it’s recommended to use the Google Chrome browser to play stick cricket online & get the best experience.

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