Goodbye Flash Games

Goodbye Flash Games from 2020, HTML5 Games will be the Future!

Brief: Most browsers will stop supporting flash games by 2020. HTML5 games will replace them with more features, better gaming experience, and no need for any plugin installation.

For 20 years, Flash has helped shape the way that you play games, watch videos, and run applications on the web. But over the last few years, Flash has become less common. Four years ago, 80 percent of desktop Chrome users visited a site with Flash each day.

Today the usage is dropped down to only 17 percent & it continues to decline.

That’s the reason ICS is providing the Flash games in 2020 so that you can have the taste of it before it dies.

Check out these flash games that were the best games in the old days.

Flash Games soon to be a History

The leading search engine Google recently announced the end of an era for Adobe Flash. This news can be pretty shocking for many flash content based users, the objective of this initiative is to allow individuals to enjoy the immersive experience from the very closest view by switching to HTML 5 games.

The Chrome Browser 76, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox 69 have already disabled flash by default, and, very soon, the world’s most popular search engine “Google” is going to stop supporting flash by the end of this year i.e December 2020.

According to the official announcement made by this widely used search engine, it will stop indexing the term “Flash” in the search results. Curiosity is aroused & hence people have now started discussing things like what will happen if this once-prolific technology is stopped receiving the support by most of the browsers.

If this happens, there will no possibilities of receiving any more updates for Flash. However, it doesn’t mean that the internet will immediately take all the flash content away from there.

As per the message, it has been cleared said that the “flash player will be stopped receiving the support from anywhere else at the end of 2020 (31st December 2020)”

Adobe itself recognizes the fact that the time has come when we need to close Flash since it doesn’t meet the changing needs of its end users. Also, Flash games require constant updates that are highly insecure. The conclusion is it’s a good decision made by Adobe & Google – According to Experts.

Major Impact on?

As we mentioned earlier that Adobe Flash will not be able to receive the support from Google Search anymore later this year.

The search engine will avoid the Web pages that include Flash content. No support for standalone SWF files will be given by the Google Search, which will stop indexing them no matter how much important files they are. This change is going to leave the impact on most users and websites providing Flash content.

HTML5 games are now ready to continue its legacy & it’s the future of Online Gaming!

What Are the Benefits of Introducing HTML5 Games?

Also known as the advanced HTML specification, HTML5 is sufficient enough to perform all the tasks that Flash does in a much better way. Even this latest technology has a lot new to say to those who love to explore the HTML5 based games during their spare time.

Let’s know what makes HTML5 betters than flash technology…

These games allow users to enjoy the immersive gaming experience without installing or downloading third-party software to develop applications.

You can enjoy all your favorite HTML5 games based on different categories designed with the help of HTML5 technology on all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

HTML5 technology is also known to support the WebGL, which actually opens up the doors for the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).

In simple words, we would like to explain to you that the applications available in the browser are sufficient enough to use yoHur graphics card while allowing the users to enjoy the matchless 3D experiences.

Overall HTML technology is better than Adobe’s Flash Technology which served the internet for more than a decade.

Where you can play HTML Games?

Currently, there are few sites available where you can play HTML games, but here we would like to announce that InsideCricSport will provide only the best HTML games on the same domain- in mid-2020 before Flash is disabled.

We the Team of iCS have great plans for our visitors which we will announce and implement soon!

Just remember, ICS is the website where you can enjoy best & free cricket games (flash technology) till 2020, & later we will update our site with free HTML games.

So, our website is your go-to site for playing flash games (now) & HTML5 Games (2020 & beyond).

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